The new and improved

A multibrand travel platform

Travix is the Dutch market leader in online travel. It’s biggest online brand,, has over 2.5 million customers in the Netherlands alone. With our redesign we’ve strengthened her position as the go-to comparison site for flights. The new website offers a better brand experience and especially offers kick-ass user experience and usability. And it’s not limited to the UX can easily be scaled and used for brands owned by Travix across the globe.

Experience the site below or check out the live website:


Cheap Tickets


Cheap Tickets


Cheap Tickets

A brand new website with great ambition

The ultimate goal of the renewed website is to increase reach and conversion on all devices. And – as all great user experience is wont to do – keep customers coming back. Our design methodology also shortens time-to-market so we can quickly adapt to changes in the market.

Completely reinvented yet still familiar

The participants in the user tests experienced the website as familiar and trusted yet contemporary. So mission accomplished! We updated the logo and visual identity to the state of the art. We also created 100% interactive idioms to increase conversion, usability and online brand experience.

Really Cheap, but user-friendly and clean

The bright yellow color, thickly underscored prices, call-to-actions and typography reassure users that they’re looking for flights on a budget. They’re immediately transported into the holiday mood by the photography, ticket metaphors and iconography similar to that in airports.

The interfaces where customers compare tickets are extremely complex. There’s often a myriad of functions and a barrage of information presented on a single page. We’ve created focus and a sense of overview by a clearly separating fields and icons that guide users through the booking. Combined with other visual indicators and saving tips, we manage to present a lot of information while keeping it fresh and clear.

Focus on photography

Imagery plays an extremely important role in the orientation process. Photographs you could have taken yourself quickly transport visitors into the ultimate holiday-mood. Clear guidelines for the images ensure that the experience is uniform throughout the journey and optimised for all devices.

"When your core business is online, your visual identity needs to be 100% optimised for it"

Fresh eyes on the search and booking flow

Searching for flights and booking tickets is a complex process. How do you know you’ve got a good deal? And does the flight match your specific preferences? Rather than copying features and solutions from competing flight comparison sites, Cheaptickets was looking to optimise the features and functionalities for their customer base. The needs of actual customers took central place during the development of the heart of the site: the search and booking flow.

The start of every journey: the search bar

The booking flow was redesigned to give users the right choices at the right time, rather than give them a bad case of decision overload. The search bar is accessible and light with five clear fields. The helper in the panel next to the search bar reveals options when they become relevant for the user.

"Rather than mobile first, it’s integrally designed for all devices"

Space to compare

The results page presents a key-moment in the flow. It’s where customers actually compare flights and ultimately need to be persuaded to book. To make sure users can truly compare the flights, the entire page is used to show the different options as clearly as possible. It was designed as if it were an app in and of itself, and thus is a true power tool. One that’s still easy to use that is.

State your preferences

Customers usually have specific preferences when they travel, like flying directly to the destination or using a particular airline. We’ve taken time and space to make these filters easy to find and pleasant to use. The filters are easily recognisable and grouped in familiar categories. By showing what the cheapest flight costs for each filter, customers can immediately see how their preferences affect the price.

The filters have been optimised technically as well. The result list updates with every change, truly improving the user experience.

More flight details

In order to truly compare you need a focused list of results, so you can’t show all information right away. We created a layered list, showing the most important information instantly. Other details are shown in the panel on the right, allowing users to easily and freely click and discover.

Are you flexible? Then we might have a better deal

The results are optimised to finding the best deal. If you’re flexible with dates or place of departure, cheaper alternatives are shown right away.

"A single familiar experience with consistent presentation and operation, regardless of the size of your screen."

Flexible SEO pages

The sanctitude of the home page is no more. Routes like Google and social media are becoming increasingly important. We developed a modular system by making smart use of different elements. Now, content managers can create different landing pages in the new CMS-system.

Creating beautiful and functional things, together

To be able to pull the design off, we worked together closely with the Travix team on location. The cooperation allowed us to make optimal use of our shared expertise on product development, conversion and technology. Thanks to an agile approach with multiple scrum teams, we’ve been able to make substantial progress in a short amount of time. Quick communication allowed us to adapt and make appropriate choices in no-time.

Design - Test - Learn

User insights proved invaluable during the development of Cheaptickets. Next to analytics and AB-testing, we invited potential and existing customers on a regular basis. They got to test the prototypes, allowing us to understand how we could truly help them in finding and booking their flights.

We tested the entire flow on all devices on functionality at every visit. Testers were asked to bring their own devices, to truly get the most authentic results. Testing took place at the offices of Travix, giving stakeholders the chance to observe the process and create valuable experiences. Preferably on the devices of the testers themselves.

Just the beginning

The complete overhaul of is one that we’re truly proud of. We’ve put down a solid base and we’ll continue to roll out new features and optimise existing features together with Travix. The architecture and functionalities were designed and intended to be used for the different brands owned by Travix in the future: BudgetAir and The expansion started early 2016. These sites will use the same modules to spread their products in over 40 countries across the globe.

The launch

To let such a massive overhaul go unnoticed would be a waste. We’re extremely happy with the campaign announcing the launch, that included a commercial and product video. Especially since the concept, illustrations and animations were all created by our in-house animation team!


  • Client: Travix
  • UX-strategy and UX-design: Soda Studio
  • Art direction, motion design and visual design: Resoluut
  • Tone-of-voice: Mr. Koreander
  • Development: Travix
  • Contacts at Travix: Matthijs Hielkema, Janna van Aalderen,
    Paul van Breugel en Stephan Vinkenborg

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